I had a long post all worked up in my head. I’m eight days into a murder trial that will end (except for the sentenceing phase) this afternoon. I’d planned a long rant about various powery substances…flour, baking powder, baking soda, rat poison, cocaine…and how I was fairly sure someone sprinkled Anthrax on my popcorn when I went to see Bandits the other night. But…I’m going to leave it all alone for now.

See, last week I threw out a long post about how happy I was that my buddy Mike was going to be able to go to LEAF with us. As it turns out…in his words: “I’ll be sleeping at Ft. Bragg this weekend instead of Black Mountain.” My buddy got the call.

So…no levity for now. I know each and every LEAFer will have a good time. We missed Daly last LEAF when he was in boot camp and we’ll remember him this time. My friend Susannah put it best. In her words…”it won’t be the same without him.” Last LEAF Su designed red can coozies (those things you use to keep your beer cold) with Mike’s initials and the word “Remember.” It was sort of a joke then. Now, it doesn’t seem like as much of one. But, I’m going to dig mine out and take it with me.

That’s it for now I guess.

Brad Willis

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