Digital Target Practice

If I had a semi-automatic handgun–which I don’t–and a thirty-yard shooting range in may back yard–again, which I don’t–my useless little phone/radio/alarm clock would be in jeopardy today.

To be fair, it didn’t do much of anything wrong…with the exception of working exactly as it should. It woke me up and I hate it for it.

Today is one of those days where Fatigue and its Minions are giving me a wedgie. I don’t have the will to argue.

All I want is a four-day vacation. I don’t care where I go. I can sit on my deck for all I care.

On a completely unrelated note…here is why I read the Las Vegas newspaper: John Smith has some thoughts today on parlay gambling.

More later as I figure out what city I’m in.

Brad Willis

Brad Willis is a writer based in Greenville, South Carolina. Willis spent a decade as an award-winning broadcast journalist. He has worked as a freelance writer, columnist, and professional blogger since 2005. He has also served as a commentator and guest on a wide variety of television, radio, and internet shows.

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