Not titled “Gollywood”

I’m sad.

I’ve had this idea for a book for a long time. It would be funny if I could just sit down and write it. The working title of the book was “Gollywood.”

Then, a bunch of stars (Renee Zellweger and George Clooney) invaded town to film some romantic comedy about football. It has the local small towns all abuzz and a few papparazi in town. We often call this place G-Vegas, so, it seemed appropriate to call it Gollywood this week.

So, I was going to write a big, funny post and call it Gollywood.

And then, just to make sure I had a good idea that nobody had come up with before, I Googled it…and realized that my little title is a little used up.

So, forget it.

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Brad Willis

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous Grayson says:

    Even though I’m sure it’s been used elsewhere… I still haven’t seen a cold-open banner with the words “Going Clooney Looney” on it…

    I’ve asked our producers. They won’t do it.

  2. There’s a brilliant play called “Stones in his Pockets” about the same type of thing, when a movie comes to film in a small Irish town, roughly the size of, oh, Greer.

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