Ronnie Sheppard to stay in prison

The appeal bond is one of the greatest tricks of white collar crime trade. Generally, because the white collar crooks are not violent, they are allowed to stay out of jail and/or prison while they appeal their case. As most folks know, appeals take forever–years, even–and if crook is out on bond pending the appeal decision, had can enjoy another 3-5 years of freedom when he should be serving his sentence.

Ronnie Sheppard will not have that luxury. Today, Judge Jim Johnson told Sheppard he will have to stay within the friendly confines of the South Carolina Department of Corrections while waiting to appeal his case.

While I personally lost no money as a result of Sheppard’s malfeasance, I can’t help but feel a little joy in the fact that he will be spending most of the next decade working for as little as thirty-five cents an hour.

I know this means very little to the folks who read around the country, but in this little corner of the world, this kind of justice just makes for a good day.

Have a good time in the pen, Ronnie.


Ronnie Sheppard: The Fall of a Sleazeball

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Brad Willis

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  1. May he be anally raped once for every dollar he stole.

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