Three years

Three years ago at this time, I was unshaven, stinky, and collapsed on a faux bed in St. Francis women’s. However, as I hadn’t just shoved a seven pound eleven ounce bundle out of my crotch and I wasn’t the cutest thing in the room, I kept my mouth shut.

Now, the boy known here as L’il Otis is a mischievous little monster with enough love to go around for all his toys and all the people who love him.

Happy birthday, buddy. Thanks for putting up with the adults.

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Brad Willis

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous Pam says:

    Happy Birthday Lil’ Otis! He is adorable. My 3 year old thankfully doesn’t make me play roles :-), although I think it would be fun once or twice. I hope you all have a fun day!!

  2. Happy birthday to the only person in the world who calls me uncle TODD!

    Uncle Ted

  3. So much for my claim to be the cutest guy in two states celebrating a birthday today.

    Happy birthday to the little guy!

  4. Anonymous Ken Prevo says:

    Falstaff’s optimism is clearly damaged when considering beauty pageants and when drawing to inside straights.

    A happy birthday to both Falstaff and the young man fortunate to take after his Mom’s looks.