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I’ve been lazy. I’m not a stupid person (all of the time, anyway), but it took me several months to figure out the best way to move all of my iTunes files from my near-obsolete desktop to my near-obsolete laptop. Once I discovered a nifty advanced “Consolidate” function in iTunes, I had it all done in an hour. Despite having 225.2 days worth of music on my iPod, I’ve been a little bored recently. I realized that I’d stopped updating my iTunes. Once I discovered that, I discovered there were dozens of discs from a two decade collection that had never made their way onto my iPod. Most of the oversights and left-behinds were from my early 90s collection. With that in mind, here is a brief (and basically embarassing) overview of some of the many discs I ripped tonight.

Worst oversightSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I have had The White Album on the iPod for years, but somehow had forgotten to load up the Beatles album.

The disc you never heard ofMU330‘s Chumps on Parade–It took me a while to remember why the disc was in my collection. Then I remembered (or at least I think I remember this correctly) that my buddy Marty went to high school with these guys. I was surprised to learn the ska-punk band is not only still playing, but still gigging.

Really? Really?Herman’s Hermits Greatest Hits–Yeah, I’m not sure I understand either. It made the cut, though.

Not making the cutJackopierce–I found a couple of these discs from my early college years. I struggled to remember why I had them. Then I remembered. These discs were a temporary chastity belt key. I don’t need the key anymore, so these discs didn’t get ripped.

While I’m embarassing myself…the disc most likely to make me turn off my iPod if my friends catch me listeningIt’s a Shame About Ray–Come on. Tell me you are my age and you never owned a Lemonheads disc. Evan Dando was dreamy and I think Juliana Hatfield is still hot.

Evidence I used to wish I was 18 in 1968The Doors in Concert, The Best of Canned Heat–I’m surprised these discs still play. There was a time when I was a longhair and drove around wishing I was a Summer of Love teenager. Nothing more hilarious than a brooding long haired suburban kid.

The only soundtrack on my iPodReservoir Dogs–I don’t think I have to explain this one. And now, Little Green Bag.

More evidence I lived with an angry young manToo Much Joy’s Cereal Killers–Another hat tip to Marty, who will always be my King of Beers.

Oh, sure, the guys from Unlce Tupelo made itLove Squad’s Posertown–There were a lot of alt-country bands springing up in the 90s. Most of them didn’t make it. Love Squad was one of those bands (although it looks like they’ve been trying to make a comeback).–Well don’t I feel silly. Love Squad wasn’t an alt-country band. Now that I’ve listened to the album again, I remember they were one of those alternapop bands that didn’t make it. Ah, well. I was drinking a lot back then.

And finally some spoken wordThe Boxed Life, Henry Rollins–There was a time after my “hippie” phase that I was in “angry” mode. I wore out this damned disc.

This is only a short list of what I have ripped tonight, but that should provide you with enough make-fun-of-Otis fodder for the next few weeks.

Brad Willis

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  1. Su says:

    Just the mention of some of these bands and artists bring back some good college memories. I need to look through my collection………

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