Battered Blogger Syndrome

Google loves me.  I know it does.  I can see it in its eyes as it completely ignores me.  At times, I am browsing the internet and/or looking for new things to buy. Sometimes the adverts are targeted to what I like, but other times, they are completely irrelevant. A friend of mine have the same issue and recommended I looked at to help with removing any banners and adverts that I don’t want to view.
It’s easier to see love’s reflection in eyes that look through my bloggity soul and to the wall behind my back. 

We had so many good years.  Google would roll over in bed and whisper in my ear, “You’re number one in my book, baby.”  I’d shudder with validation and ignore the possibility that Google would someday forget I exist.

How do I know Google loves me, despite de-indexing me and then returning me to small pedestal on page six?  Well, things like Google Chrome for one.  It’s a bouquet of flowers on a night I thought Google would stay out with another blogger until dawn.  It’s 99% of what I want in a browser and faster than any I’ve ever used.  In just two hours of trial, I’ve made it my default browser, despite Astin’s warning about the EULA and the the myriad of tin foil hat theories about Google taking over everything.

How can I, a belittled and forgotten blogger snort the Google Kool Aid powder with one nostril and blow tear-sniffles out the other?  I can only attribute it to Battered Blogger Syndrome.  There is no reason I should stand up tonight and talk about how much I already love Chrome.  I should be at Google’s front door, crying, pleading, and promising my second born for renewed recognition.  Instead, I’m tweaking my Chrome to the next 2.5 weeks of 16-hour days online as easy as possible. 

Is there a support group out there for folks like me?

Brad Willis

Brad Willis is a writer based in Greenville, South Carolina. Willis spent a decade as an award-winning broadcast journalist. He has worked as a freelance writer, columnist, and professional blogger since 2005. He has also served as a commentator and guest on a wide variety of television, radio, and internet shows.

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8 Responses

  1. SCSue says:

    Reading your blog in my newly-installed Chrome was poetic. If there’s a support group, I’ll join, but only if the meeting place has wireless.

    I’m with you on the Chrome assessment. NOTHING on my computer has been this pain-free in several years.

  2. Beware. These are the worst of the Tin Foil Hat Brigade. They gave Carrie Nation the shivers.

  3. Drizztdj says:

    The support group will be meeting in Malvern, Pennsylvania on the 26th.

    Bring a spare liver.

  4. Astin says:

    Oh, it ain’t easy to NOT download and use Chrome, I assure you. Especially when the light hits it just so, and those puppy-dog eyes say, “forgive me, I won’t ever hurt you again.”

    I’m holding out hope that the EULA will be modified/cleared up by the time it’s out of public Beta testing. I also expect flowers.

    In the meantime, I’ll stick with Firefox and Opera. Even though I really like the independent process model and sandboxing ideas Chrome offers… sigh.

  5. rj says:

    I’m on to you, Otis. Gushing about Chrome is a cleverly calculated stunt to try to weasel your way back up to the top of the search results. Google only knows your words; it doesn’t know your heart.

    — bitter Mac user who has to wait for his version of Chrome

  6. Da Goddess says:

    I’ll stick with Avant until I overcome my fear of change.

  7. 13Rabbit says:

    Chrome, best used on a trailer hitch.

    I’m giving Chrome a ride, but I keep Firefox running to supplement it.

    Your Flavicon seems to have disappeared also???

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