Groundhog Day redux

So, yesterday I said I planned to spend today writing about the days in my life that I wouldn’t mind living over and over again. I still may do that soon. I’ve been characteristically nostalgic recently and wouldn’t mind penning a few more paeans to days gone by. For the moment though, I’m happy to look back on yesterday. I spent a near perfect day with my wife, boy, fetus, and dog. We cooked, we snacked, we watched the game. We all stayed up late and are paying for it today. It was worth it, and if I had to pick a day to live again, yesterday wouldn’t be a bad choice.

superbowl-2-small superbowl big-ben-small

Brad Willis

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2 Responses

  1. Da Goddess says:

    I saw the first photo you posted to Flickr (the wife, child, and Dos) and have to say, that’s a pretty good day to have to live time and time again.

  2. MGM says:

    “Characteristically nostalgic,” eh? So that means you can’t blame it on pregnancy hormones? Those things are a bitch.

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