Amanda Smith: Not a murderer

Brad Willis

Brad Willis is a writer based in Greenville, South Carolina. Willis spent a decade as an award-winning broadcast journalist. He has worked as a freelance writer, columnist, and professional blogger since 2005. He has also served as a commentator and guest on a wide variety of television, radio, and internet shows.

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8 Responses

  1. susannah says:

    also speechless. i hate those f@#%ing cases that fall apart (usually due to a key witness) right before trial when not only do you KNOW the defendant is guilty, but ALL the evidence says they are guilty. one of the absolute worst feelings in the world. you know you’ve failed the victim.

    i’m interested to see what you dig up when you get home.

    in the meantime, turn off the internet. you’re on vacation! 🙂

  2. G-Rob says:

    Ping me and I’ll fill you in.

  3. Chris says:

    Brad, I’m from nowhere near your neck of the woods, but I have followed along with your coverage of this case.

    It currently sounds like a complete prosecution clusterfuck, though I will attempt to hold judgment until you have a chance to dig through all the relevant information.

    Until then, enjoy your vacation.


  4. Da Goddess says:

    When I worked pediatrics, the toughest cases I had were those who’d been abused or neglected by parents. Time after time, we’d have restraining orders and all sorts of other protective measures put in place to keep our patients safe. It would break my heart to hear that the same parents would many times regain custody of the kids…only to have the kids come back to the hospital in even worse condition.

    I cannot fathom how difficult it is to build a case against someone who has harmed a child. I only know how difficult it is to physically heal a child once they’ve been harmed…the psychological harm lingers for years if they survive.

  5. Emme says:

    This came as quite a shock to me as well. I’d like to talk with you when you get back. Am I correct in thinking she would have to serve more time had she been convicted of child abuse?

  6. John says:

    This is the trouble with with the system we
    have now if you steal something you go to jail for 20 years but if you kill somebody you get hardly nothing

  7. luis says:

    i know she is not guilty.

  8. Sara says:

    She is guilty. I know her, personally, and she is guilty. And she is also out of prison. Makes me SICK!!!

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