September minutiae

September is set to end, near as I can tell, in about 13 hours. It’s been a been a heckuva month. I barely understand why I keep doing these monthly updates, except that I promised I would at the beginning of the year. October has a lot of promise, I think. Anyway, on with the senseless statistics. Seriously, don’t read this. Skip down to Dogs at Large and read that. It was too long for most people to make it through, but the writing wasn’t pathetic.

Books read: A Supopsedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again; The Chosen; The War of Art

Documentaries watched:Lost in La Mancha; Deep Water; From Dust to Glory; Tales From the Script; Art & Copy; I Am Trying to Break Your Heart; Rolling Stones: Stones in Exile; And So Goes The Nation; The US vs. John Lennon

Movies watched: Waiting for Guffman; The Postman Always Rings Twice; Little Children

Exercise: Apart from my eight-day adventure to the southern hemisphere, I keep up the exercise regimen I started in August. I put in more than 20 miles on the track as well as sticking to everything else I promised myself I would do.

Freelance writing: (Insert crickets)

Travel days: 8

Poker Avoided the online machine entirely. Only put in eleven hours live, all of which sucked in a way that has made me step away from the table for a while and refocus myself. It was my biggest loser of the year. It didn’t break the bankroll, but broke my spirit a bit. I haven’t played in a few weeks and am not entirely sure when I will again. (I think there is probably an over/under out there somewhere on the date of my return. Further, I suspect more than a couple of people have the under and some over-active salivary glands).

Rounds of disc golf: 4

Best meal of the month: Again, part of this health kick has been eating less of the good stuff. I only had one meal I’d consider good. Earlier this week in Argentina, I had the following meal: Johnny Walker Swing (no single malts on the menu); a glass of Malbec; aligator/shrimp tart; slow-cooked pork shoulder atop a mashed sweet potato all topped with wild mushrooms in an anise-sauce. It was, in a word, tasty.

Picture of the month:

Opinions will vary, but this is my favorite picture I took this month.

The boy loses his first tooth

Brad Willis

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