Notable posts


Carry Me Home: My flight home with an American hero
The monsters are real: When a monster stole a little girl from my hometown
The stillness of an 8-year-old’s chest: A parent looks at the Boston Marathon bombing
Dear Son: On the morning of Sandy Hook
Ode to Black Dog: From rescue, to purebred, and back


St. Francis Hospital: The real cost of having a baby: A trip through paying for a baby out-of-pocket
Father’s Day 2012: My first Father’s Day without my dad
Four fathers: When my kid met s soldier on a plane
Saturday night lights: Should a kid play football?
Goodbye to my dog: A long goodbye to a short dog
To catch a fish: Watching my dad teach my son to fish
Sinner and a sinner’s son: Woops, I taught my kid to gamble
The Brett Favre of parenting: How I choked in the clutch and almost burned down my house
Last kiss: Watching my grandmother say goodbye to her only love
To my second son: A letter written to my son upon his birth
Grandpa was a gambler: The things I learned about my grandfather after his death


To the victims of 9/11: I’m sorry: An apology to the people who we failed
Burn this, sinners: On the burning of a holy book
An open letter to President Obama: A listing lib has his say
I knew I should be afraid: Terror babies and why you should be scared of them
Choir robes, $25,000 shrimp and grits, and the modern Presidency: On money and politics


How to make a Moscow Mule: An homage to an old drink with a new life
Otis and the Pisco Sour: Refreshment in Peru
The superpancho: Finding a delicacy in Argentina


Notes on fear: Climbing a literal and figurative mountain of fear
Ode to a weeping cherry: A post that was about a little more than a rotting tree
The Dennis DeYoung Dilemma: Who would you rather be?
Charles Wakefield, finally free: My biggest professional mistake made right
Dogs at large: A trip through northern Argentina


On getting naked: Why I started running and why I haven’t stopped
13.1 miles for Dad: Running my first half marathon a week after my dad died


To the main buying my house: A letter to a man taking over the place my family made memories
Welcome to the neighborhood: What happens when the Willis family moves in
Sunday warrior: Saving my family’s Super Bowl

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