Tiffany Souers: The Passion Cross

Today looks to be what I often thought of as a “down day” in crime coverage. Ever-mysterious and acting somewhat the tease, 13th Circuit Solicitor Bob Ariail has announced he will release “significant information” on Wednesday. This will leave us with a couple kinds of news coverage today. The first will be the efforts of the reporters who who try, mostly in vain, to figure out what Ariail will release on Wednesday. The second kind of coverage will be that of the reporters forced into coming up with some sort of fresh angle on the story. If my experience is any indication, the stories will neither be fresh or contain much of an angle. I’ve been in both positions and I don’t envy those charged with the responsibility of filling the news hole today.

That said, I have taken a liking to Georgia-based blogger who came to fame with his blog-based profile of the BTK killer. Huff’s Crime Blog is written by Steve Huff, a guy who writes well and takes everything you’ve seen here to a much better level. I’m secondarily impressed with his ability to find a name of the kind of cross on the killer’s bandana. In First Timer, his profile of Tiffany Souers’ killer, Huff points out (with visual aids) that the cross is a variation on the so-called “passion cross.” I’d encourage you to check out Huff’s work.

I really need to return my focus to a life more mundane. Someone asked in an e-mail why I have dedicated so many consecutive posts to this subject. There are a ton of reasons, I suppose. First thing, having known way too many victims of crime, I have a very good idea what Souers’ parents and family are experiencing now. Second, I have a chemical in my brain that insists missing people should be found and killers should be caught. That’s actually another way of saying that I am no longer able to say that I don’t miss my old line of work. For the first time in fifteen months, I actually wish I was back on the street. That, friends, is the selfish part of it.

For now, we wait for Wednesday and whatever Ariail has to offer. The two-day wait leads me to we’re about to finally hear something on the physcial evidence front. I guess we’ll see.

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  1. Actually, if you step back and look at it, some of your most lucid pubs are related to your “former” line of work. More passion, clarity and conciseness.

    Second on the list of good prose is your writing on such things as your wandering through vacant highways and grave yards.

    Then the pokerish stuff (PS and so forth) and lastly the Up For Poker.

    Jeez, who reads all these writers anyway.

  2. Thank you for keeping us up to date on what’s going on with this case. It’s hard for me to keep tabs on it from way up here, as the news coverage where we live hasn’t been stellar. I appreciate your insight into what’s going on. However much more you want to write about this case, I’ll be reading it.

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