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I’m tired, mired, an uninspired today. So far the only thing I have accomplished is…well, nothing. I have, however, read Boy Genius’ most recent rant. In a couple thousand words, he pretty much summed up what I’ve been struggling to write for a while. It’s not for Republicans. It’s not even really for Democrats. It’s for everybody who cares about the Bill of Rights.

As BG wrote, “The Bill of Rights is at risk, and I’m less willing to lose these guaranteed freedoms than I am to lose my own life to a dirty bomb attack.”

Go check out his post: Oh No He Didn’t.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and jogging my memory on ElkY’s accomplishment. I remember reading your post on the Stars blog about him being first at something, but couldn’t quite place it.

    Gl at the tables

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