Friday Mental Massage: Africa Hot

I haven’t done the old Friday Mental Massage for a while, so let’s get it all out, shall we?

Africa Hot–I spent most of my summer in Las Vegas. The temperature was in triple digits all the time. Sure, it was hot, but it wasn’t miserable. This week, G-Vegas is, to quote Biloxi Blues, “Africa Hot.” I started working on cleaning out my garage yesterday afternoon and gave up after half an hour. It occurred to me that perhaps extending my air conditioning system to my garage might be a good idea if ever the heat reaches these scorching temperatures again. If you’re in the same position as me or need to install air conditioning for your sweltering home, you can click here to learn more about Green Horizon One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, who are professionals in AC installation. After a failed garage cleanup, my wife and I took the kid to the pool. When I started sweating in the water, I knew it was time to go back inside.

All I can say is thank god we have air conditioning inside. I mean I know it doesn’t quite stretch to our garage. But on days when it is absolutely baking outside, I’m so glad that we can come inside and cool off with ease. The fact that I was sweating in the pool, was just a clear indication that it was time to come in and cool off. I was worried at the time though, as when I went to turn on the AC it took a second too long to switch on. It wasn’t an issue though, but it made me realise that maybe I should get it checked out before the next boiling day (just in case). I know some people think this is a waste of time, but I think it is a good idea to understand What Takes Place During an AC Tuneup? I mean they are done for a reason, and that is to make sure that they don’t break when we need them most!

So, I did what any reasonable guy does in such a such a situation. I went to a bar. Then a poker game. By 10pm, despite being in a room with central air conditioning and two fans, I was sweating like my friend T does on an 80 degree day. I left before I’d planned to and came home. Once in bed, I continued to sweat in my 72-degree house. I certainly wish I had contacted buric heating and air conditioning before the start of summer to repair my AC system. The heat was starting to take a toll on me. Something was so obviously wrong with my body, I decided to not go outside today, or maybe my AC system actually wasn’t displaying the correct temperature? Either way I’ll complain about me being hot in these temperatures but my friends living over in Australia at the moment are probably contacting their Air Conditioning Carnegie service (or where ever they actually precisely live) urging them to keep them cold!

Guess who’s back?It’s about time I say.

What? WHAT?–Well, let’s see here…I’ve been wanting to take a particular trip for the past three years, but wasn’t able to do it. Now when I really don’t have the mental fortitude or time to do it, I’ve been asked to go on this ten day jaunt. Well, that was fast. Back you your regularly scheduled program. I’ll be maintaining the schedule I’d intended for the next couple months.

That news alone has turned this massage into a beat down.

I’m just going to sit here and not go outside.

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