Technological Breakdown

I, for one, believe we aren’t all that stupid. Oh sure, there are those among us who still die in lawnchair accidents or end up in the ER because they “accidentally sat down” on the remote control. Those, however, are the exceptions. If we human types weren’t that smart, I wouldn’t be able to digitally record my favorite programs while holiday shopping online and IMing with my wife from across the room. These are the things–not to be mention the artificial heart and and Platinum Coil Embolization technique–that let me know I live in a society that has a future. Hell, I just learned a few minutes ago that there is a service that will let everyone who knows me know where I am at any given second. That sounds like a real treat.

And yet…

  • My laptop battery (less than one year old) is completely shot
  • My wife’s laptop battery (less than one year old) has somehow fried her touchpad and keyboard
  • Guitar Hero 3 users are saying en masse that their controllers don’t work right
  • Vista sucks even more balls than I thought it did
  • American Airlines computer system and employees have the same amount of intelligence (tonight I asked for my boarding pass for the third time and the gate agent–a fifty-something lady–muttered mysteriously “Oh, shit” before sending me away for a couple of minutes)
  • Every DVD player I have ever purchased has died or bugged out on me

    These are just things that I have come up with off the top of my head. I’m too fried right now to get into this too deeply. Hell, if I did, Blogger would probably eat my post.

    Techno-tilt sucks.

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    5 Responses

    1. I have to agree about the DVD players. No matter what brand we buy, they seem to crater within 1-2years.

      But I LOVE my Motorola cell phone. It has been thru hell and back but it still works just as good as the day I bought it brand new.

      As a mother livingin rural Oklahoma, my cell phone is my lifeline.

    2. “a fifty-something lady–muttered mysteriously “Oh, shit”

      I hope you weren’t too hard on her. She was probably just reading exactly what it said on the screen!

    3. I have GH3 on my PS2…and all works fine.

      It’s probably just a bunch of noobs that I’ve pwned complaining…

    4. Sorry you’re having so much techno-pain. Does anything work there?

    5. Anonymous Anonymous says:

      Who in the hell buys a CD player anymore. Hey, do you still have my mix tape from ’85, thanks?-frankieb

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