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Brad Willis

Brad Willis is a writer based in Greenville, South Carolina. Willis spent a decade as an award-winning broadcast journalist. He has worked as a freelance writer, columnist, and professional blogger since 2005. He has also served as a commentator and guest on a wide variety of television, radio, and internet shows.

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127 Responses

  1. 1722 of 4122 districts reporting Obama 64.54%, Clinton 33.91

  2. It’s Robo-Hillary!

    BTW… if Hillary’s crowd is this hard to control, how bad is it going to be for Obama, who couldn’t shut them up when the live reporter was talking to CNN.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    To Garth :

    Was just thinking the same thing!


  4. Uh not to differ with G-Rob but the cassette playing boom box is a Decepticon and Optimus is an autobot.

    They would never have a meeting.

  5. The cassette playing boom box is named “Soundwave”, just for the record.

    I’ll get my coat.

  6. They really shouldn’t have untrained people behind HC as she speaks.

  7. The Daily Show is firing up.

  8. They generally shouldn’t have untrained people behind any candidate who speaks, but they’re not that lucky.

    I think the one thing that today has proven is that the Democratic nomination is going to go down to the wire. Which, considering all of the flak that Obama has gotten due to his “inexperience” is quite a compliment to the guy if he doesn’t win.

  9. I just finished cooking a nice steak if you want to share some Otis. There’s wheat beer and rum available as well.

    We can celebrate Ribeye’s landslide victory in proper style!

  10. So, Hillary’s sound engineer is also working for McCain?!

  11. McCain wins the “Complimenting My Opponents” game in a landslide.

  12. Exactly how do candidates not know when other candidates are giving speeches?!

  13. Wow. Was that a dig at FEMA by Obama? Because you know that Bush doesn’t care about black people.

  14. Because you know that Bush doesn’t care about black people.

    If those black people had elected responsible, non-corrupt local officials, they wouldn’t have had to depend on Bush to help them out.

  15. Is it just me, or should there be at least one white face directly behind Obama? Someone needs to scout that stuff out.

  16. I’m feeling alone again. And “red wine” has won in a landslide.

    Also: Obama wins the Democrat oration contest.

  17. Pokerwolf: sorry mate, that was just a Kanye line. But I can’t resist bringing out in that context.

  18. Also: Obama wins the Dems oration contest in another landslide. That’s what got rib eye the nomination.

  19. Not a problem, Garth. I’m calling it a night, so I missed the reference. Thanks for clarifying.

    Congrats to red wine and ribeye (not a bad combo if I do say so myself)!

    I’ll catch up on how things went in seven hours when I arrive at work. Good times!

  20. How does one project a winner of a state w/ 17% of the votes reporting exactly?

  21. Pish posh, don’t worry about Cali, that was a long shot anyway. The big bright spot for Obama is MISSOURI. They always pick the right candidate and he actually snatches Missouri from her after she led by 12% only a week ago.

  22. Anonymous fdicki says:

    nice to see the Dumbo’s so split, will make things easier for the republicans this fall… love it!

  23. Josh – they called Georgia with less the 1% in. apparently they can tell. from the numbers they gave, Obama actually swung by as much as 20%, but still took it in the end.

    Otis – Great post, enjoyed the day reading. hope to be back here for the same on election day, if not quicker.

  24. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    did su say “hot and hard?”

  25. This comment is amusing from Obama’s speech “We don’t have to settle for politics where scoring points is more important than solving problems.”

    He should get that point across to Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi before he preaches to the American public.

  26. My friends of a feather, I ask that we come together in the spirit of unity. Ribeye has been chosen to represent the Beef party while we sit in the coop undecided. Ribeye is a good steak. It is hearty and satisyfing, no doubt, but it does not represent what the American eating public is about. It is not the food of the common man, sitting in front of his TV during the Super Bowl, the World Series or the NBA finals. It is not being served with pitcher of beers but with fancy wines. It is not representative of what the working man can afford to eat during their sporting events.

    It is time to get out of the henhouse and into the smokehouse. It is time for us to fully endorse the Buffalo Wing to be our candidate!

    The Buffalo Wing has a history of uniting the people. It was in the early days when the wing itself teamed up with the drumstick to become one. Now, the breaded and naked come together, as do the sauce and sauceless. Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, and KFC are united in the backing of the wing as our candidate.

    Buffalo Wings are a nation’s food. Easy to prepare, affordable, great with beer, it is a food of the people. Whether a busty babe is setting a platter of 911 breaded wings in front of you or the BW3’s girl is serving those tasty spicy garlic drummies, it is the chicken that goes with everything.

    And we don’t offer empty slogans. We offer the truth. Hooters make you happy! Are we wrong? NO! We need your vote today. BW3’s sums it up, You Have to Be Here!

    Back us today, Buffalo Wing for the Poultry Party!

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