Friday Mental Massage: 08/08/08 Edition

It’s been a great while since I did an old fashioned Friday Mental Massage. I need a good mental chop-chop right now. So, let’s get to it, shall we?

  • I am an unabashed Brett Favre fan. Favre makes me excited to watch football. I have an emtional attachment to his style. That said, I sort of wish he’d just stayed home. I have never been a Jets fan and I don’t think Favre is going to change that. It feels way too much like when Joe Montana joined my beloved lovable losers, the Kanas City Chiefs.
  • I dreaded the day when I’d finally have to relate to Hank Williams Jr. But, it appears that all my rowdy friends have, indeed, settled down. My wife actually wants me out of the house tonight and I don’t have anything to do. This is usually where danger lies.
  • I found a good sale on a cheap 32″ HDTV for my bedroom. After battling the HDMI question, I discovered that I didn’t have a choice. Before I move to HDMI, I need a DirecTV receiver and DVD player that supports HDMI. Nonetheless, even with component cables, I am already rowdy to have something worth watching in bed (where I watch at least 80% of my TV and movies).
  • I used my new TV last night to watch a documentary set in my old stomping grounds in the Ozark Mountains. Homemade Hillbilly Jam is the story of the people keeping hillbilly music alive. The camera and sound work are pretty good. The focus and storytelling left a bit to be desired. It is centered around a Springfield, Missouri band called Big Smith. I’m a pretty big fan of the band and if you already know them, it’s a fun little romp. The doc itself…well, I just wish I’d been working on the project.
  • My Red Dawn moment has finally arrived. I knew the Russians would invade Georgia soon. Now, all I have to do is round up the boys, some provisions, and some guns and head for Rabun County. Those commies aren’t going to make to South Carolina. Whatta ya mean they aren’t commies anymore? No matter. Now, where is Patrick Swayze when I need him.

  • Speaking of the commies, I am at a loss about this whole Chinese Olympics thing here. Rather than rehash all the arguments here, let’s just say this. I’m no big fan of how America has handled the environment, human rights, and its own Constitutional issues in the past several years. That said, to have the world games…oh, forget it. You know what I mean.
  • The wife and kid just came home. The kid immediately set up an improvised trap set. While cute and somewhat encouraging about his future in music, it makes it exceptionally hard to think about anything other than how I don’t want to be thinking right now. And so, I’m going to go not think.

    Back now…

  • My finger is healing nicely. Thanks for asking.It looks a little funny, but no serious damage. Still hurts sometimes, but nothing serious enough to keep me from activity.
  • What sort of activity, you ask? Well, oddly enough, I’ve started playing disc golf again. I’ve played 14 out of the last 15 weekdays with my buddy G-Rob. No matter how geeky it sounds (and it is rather geeky), it’s a great outlet for energy and comepetition. Plus, it takes an hour and half a day, which is rather reasonable when weighed against more manly pursuits like poker and golf.
  • If you haven’t seen the Events Calendar on the left side of this page, you’ll see I have several fun events planned for the next couple of months. I’m headed to PA for The Bash. Then I’ll be seeing Yondder Mountain String Band and going to LEAF in October. Anyone care to join me?
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    6 Responses

    1. alan says:

      I tried to convince you a few times, but if you still feel you need HDMI, go for it. I’m running video over 25′ component cables to a 1080p projector, and the video quality is just as good as it was with HDMI. Over a short cable run (6′ or less), with decent quality cables, there’s no way you’d see a difference.

      I gave up on the HDMI because it becomes a real pain when you try to add more sources and display devices. Switches are expensive and finicky.

      Anyway, make sure you get your HDMI cables from Inexpensive, and high quality. I’d avoid their HDMI switches, though. Cheap and crap.

      About the ONLY thing you lose with component instead of HDMI is upscaling of regular DVDs. But your TV will do that anyway, and it really doesn’t make that much of a difference.

    2. Da Goddess says:

      Glad your finger is feeling better. Every day will be less painful and things will scab and nerves will stop zinging with each move. It’ll be good.

      And yeah, China. But what a freakin’ amazing opening ceremonies, eh? Bet your son wanted a drum like those drummers had.

      Red Dawn. Really? Can you believe I was actually thinking about wanting to watch the movie again last week? (But, I get ya. Georgia. The other one.)

    3. KenP says:

      My blog for today is touting this:

      Hell of a show. Hope others will tout it.

    4. schlepp571 says:

      HDMI’s main problem is the compatibility from 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 devices. For the most part, HDMI works great but there are still hiccups. 1080P component is and will continue to be available on components so don’t wory about that. Just not all devices support it. XBOX360 supports it but no TV’s allow for 1080P component distribution that I have seen. I expect this to switch soon since so many problems have arisen from the HDCP handshake and the diferences in protocol from 1.1 to 1.2 to 1.3. Anyway, don’t be afraid of HDMI but if you insist to be, the component option should be available soon.

    5. The Wife says:

      I love Favre too . . . and don’t think I can ever love the Jets . . . I think I would have liked him in retirement better

    6. guide says:

      U’ve got good pics, the site could use a tiny bit of work (no offense) its still awesome