Sick bachelor

I honestly don’t remember the last time my wife and kid left me to my own devices for more than a few hours. Now I have a few days by myself. I frankly don’t even know what to do with the time, especially since I have contracted a nasty little head/chest cold. Here are a few options.

  • Learn Spanish–If you have looked at my sidebar recently, you’ll see I’m going to Costa Rica in a few weeks. If all plans hold, I’m probably going to end up in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay before Summer. I need to brush up on the Spanish I have never learned. I actually bought the Rosetta Stone software. It arrived yesterday. Hopefully I can force myself to learn something again.
  • Movie marathon–My wife loves a good movie, but she won’t watch anything that is scary or involves the pain and suffering of children (think kidnapping movies,slasher flicks, anything that involves toddler zombies, etc). I may just hole up in my bedroom and watch movies for four days. Do you know I have never seen Braveheart? Ever. I have owned the movie for three years, but never watched it.
  • Online poker–There used to be a time that if I had four free days I would just sit in front of a computer and play poker online until had to sleep. Today, that doesn’t sound the least bit like fun. However, if I can’t kick this cold, I may do just that.
  • Disc golf marathon–The weather is going to be great this weekend and would be perfect for a ton of disc golf. Of course, that will require kicking the cold.
  • Reading marathon–I’m currently way behind in my reading for the year. I’m currently reading Work Shirts for Mad men by George Singleton. It is fantastic, which means I could finish it tonight and could start tearing into the stack of books on the shelf.
  • All the other stuff I should be doing–I have a to-do list that includes such wide and varied things as bookkeeping, insurance issues, knife sharpening, dog flea treatments, finishing writing two books, start two new projects, and a lot of other stuff. I should probably focus on all of this.
  • So, if you had to guess, what am I going to end up doing? Or, you have a better suggestion?

    Brad Willis

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    4 Responses

    1. Drizztdj says:

      A decent sipping beer (or six-pack), comfty chair, and a porch/deck to stare at the stars.

      No iPod and cell phone off.

      Apply bug spray if applicable.

    2. katitude says:

      The three R’s: reading, resting, recuperating.

      And what Drizz said.

    3. pokerpeaker says:

      Movies and online poker. If you want a good horror flick, I really liked “Severance.” Good gore and yet it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    4. emme says:

      By all means watch Braveheart, and don’t forget it’s fall down weekend…..

      Maybe some picking on the deck