Wake up

So, I’ve been working on the house this weekend. After many months on the road and a couple weeks of reconnecting with the family, I finally got around to doing a bunch of stuff I’ve been putting off. I’ve been doing a lot of heavy lifting, power tool using, and installation. When I finally got the weekend list of projects finished, I put in the new phone system I got to replace the dying system we’ve had for a while.

Doing so meant I had to take out of circulation an answering machine we’ve had since the boy was a baby. For the past two or three years, the first message on the machine was my son calling to wake my happy ass up after a long night. He was probably two years old at the time and he was just leaning to talk in sentences. We never erased it.

I didn’t really want to get rid of the message, so I saved it.

It’s short, to the point, and just me being sappy. But, hey, I’m allowed. I used power tool this weekend.

My boy’s wake-up call

Brad Willis

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4 Responses

  1. OhCaptain says:

    That’s just awesome. I’ve saved stuff like that from my kids as well.

  2. KenP says:

    Local news carried the 5th annual underwater poker tournament from Springfield, Mo. So, much choice for people, places, things to sound on. But, I’m lazy or saccharin saturated.

    As to the young man, he sound level headed and capable of putting you away in a home when appropriate. They grow up so fast.

  3. Jim The Knife says:

    My children and grown and gone. I have many mementos and love them all. I do NOT, however, enjoy listening to peoples kids voices on answering machines. They’re usually hard to understand and are only cute to the parents and relatives.
    But, you used POWER TOOLS, so you’re entitled. LOL

  4. KenP says:

    P.S. I hope you got the same benefits he got for the new rug rat creation program.

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