Rapid Eye ephemera

It may be that I’m working a lot, not sleeping a lot, or becoming naturally concerned with the all-too-soon birth of the boy we call Dos. Regardless, I haven’t written yet in the month of April. I usually wait around for one subject to grow to a full post. Nothing is doing that right now. I have these little ephemeral glimpses of life and little else.

I lost my virginity many years ago on April Fool’s Day. This year, I paid my taxes on the same day. I did it primarily so I could make a joke on the blog about how I’m paying for my first time by getting screwed on the anniversary. Then I decided it wasn’t a very good joke. I still had to pay my taxes.

Shortly after I got home from Uruguay, somebody broke my glass-topped stove. The repair costs hundreds of dollars. Worse was being without a stove top for more than a week. Yesterday, the repair guys finally showed up to fix the thing. Since then, I’ve cooked one meal. I used the stove for all of five minutes to toast the walnuts. Otherwise, I used the charcoal grill and the oven. Odd.

I went out with my buddies for the first time since February. We watched the Final Four and prop bet on anything we could. I came out a winner, including a key win on Price is Right for the tab. An old friend showed up and hung out with us for the evening. She brought a girl we didn’t know. The young lady was as friendly as you could possibly want and more of an expert on zombies than I would’ve expected. She was a pleasure to hang around with. She was also born in 1988. At some point, someone asked her how old her parents were. “Forty-three and 46,” she answered with a smile. It was not lost on us that at least half of our group was old enough to be the girl’s father. Cue midlife crisis. I am currently pricing red sports cars and hair plugs.

My wife is pregnant. You know that, I’m sure, but it bears repeating.

I read The Secret History for the first time on a recommendation from Bloody P. Currently reading World War Z on recommedation from Jey “WhoJedi” Newnum. Also taking my time on The Prince of Frogtown. Next up is John Jeter’s The Plunder Room.

Two of the books mentioned above entered my library shortly before I left for Uruguay. I was in a bookstore and drew a blank on what I wanted to buy. I sent out a Twitter message asking for some recommendations. I got a ton in a just a matter of minutes. People make fun of Twitter all the time. I cannot find a reason to dislike it. The key to appreciating Twitter is to accept that it is just a thing. It’s not a revolution. It’s not the second coming of Edward R. Murrow. It’s not even all that brilliant. It’s just a cool little tool that can be great in the right hands. It’s easy to be disappointed by something you hold up as important. So, don’t hold Twitter up. Use it or don’t use it, as long as you don’t expect the second coming to be preceded by a “@believers I’m on my way.”

Odd work schedule has me up at all hours of the night. When not listening to music, I keep the TV on in the background so I know the world hasn’t gone silent around me. I’ve learned:

  • The military lost an h-bomb off the coast of Tybee Island, Georgia back in the late 50s and never found it. There are people who believe the thing could still be a viable weapon and if detonated could put a real damper on living in G-Vegas.
  • Apparently we’ve reached a point at which it’s cool to advertise vibrators on television. This little gem ran during an episode of 48 Hours on Discovery ID. I’ve watched it ten times and am still catching nuances. This is art.
  • I went to an Easter egg hunt. It lasted for 60 seconds.

    How about a quick review of New Year’s resolutions.

  • Weight loss–The amount has changed, but the overall health challenges have not. I’m doing pretty well and I’m growing proud of myself. I’m less concerned with losing a ton of weight and more concerned with being healthy.
  • Online Poker— You may remember, I said I was going to finish two writing projects before playing another hand of online poker. I am pleased to report I have not played online once in 2009. I miss it sometimes, but not as much as I expected. I actually added two more writing projects to the list. Three of the four projects are collaborative, so actually finishing will depend on other people. Still, unless I finish the one solo project, no online poker.
  • Boycott 2009— I still have not gone to McDonalds, Red Lobster, or Ruby Tuesday. It’s probably the easiest resolution ever.
  • I’m treating myself to a big new deck in the back yard. It’s expensive, but what isn’t?



    Feel better.