Friday Mental Massage: Summer’s end edition

Well, summer is almost over. Hot one wasn’t it? Oh, you’re just getting started? I get it. You’re normal.

For me, I’m headed off to summer school (read: work in Las Vegas) very soon, so these four…relaxing…weeks I’ve had since Dos’ birth are all I’m going to get for a while. Life gets weird in less than two weeks. With little time to focus today, here’s a little bit of what’s going on outside the blog lines.

Dos is healthy or at least as healthy as he is going to be. We ended up back in the hospital for some more tests this week. All of them came out normal, which leads me to believe we either have a very cautious doctor or one who is having a special relationship with our insurance company. Either way, it’s nice to know our kid’s insides look good from just about every perspective. This morning my wife called me the “Baby Whisperer” because I managed to hypnotize the boy with a mere flick of my finger. In fact, I was just turning his crib mattress into a 1970s style coin-operated vibrating bed to make him sleep.

I think DirecTV is awesome. There are people who don’t agree with me, but in terms of price and customer service, I don’t think I’ve had a better experience with such a large company.

We will finish… A friend of mine sent me The Cult of Done yesterday. A little inspiration, perhaps. We’re hopefully going to finish something we’ve been working on for a while. If not, I fear rot. Actually, I fear rot all the time, but in this case, I fear rot as related to this project. We will be done. Call it soup. Whatever. Done. Creativity is better than any antidepressant.

Speaking of creatvity, Shane Nickerson is back. This is the type of thing that should make you happy. Life got sort of mundane when Shane fell off the radar. (Apparently he got busy exec producing some TV show or something). I haven’t seen Shane for about 18 months and the last time I left him, he was promising to be right be behind me as I cashed out from a Pai Gow table in Las Vegas. I wasn’t sure he was still alive. He’s back with a vengeance. This is not safe for work, or kids, or people who don’t like the f-word, but, if you know anything about Twitter, will make you laugh.

My wife got a cute and sorta sexy new haircut, which is a lot like someone painting my house and telling me I can’t go inside for several more weeks.

Many of my friends are at Bonnaroo right now. I’m doing my best to be an adult about this.

So, my kid was enjoying a show about big cats on the the National Geographic channel, and I thought it was pretty cool he was learning a lot. Half an hour later, he is still watching and loving it. I looked up to see a screaming man standing over the body of his dead daughter–just killed by a leopard. I can’t turn off the TV before the narrator says, “And big cats are now encroaching on the United States.” My son is now in the other room warning my wife about the dangers of big cats in America. This on the day that one of our local gorillas decided to go for a walk.

My friend T just found this old thing which I had almost forgotten about. That was a long time ago.

Thoughts out to an IIF who lost her mother this week.

The Friday Mental Massage is how this blog would appear if I didn’t care what my writing looked like and people cared about the mundane aspects of my life. Its goal is to massage all the junk out of my mental muscles at week’s end with the hope of returning to better writing and subject matter.

Brad Willis

Brad Willis is a writer based in Greenville, South Carolina. Willis spent a decade as an award-winning broadcast journalist. He has worked as a freelance writer, columnist, and professional blogger since 2005. He has also served as a commentator and guest on a wide variety of television, radio, and internet shows.

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6 Responses

  1. BG says:

    My wife got a cute and sorta sexy new haircut, which is a lot like someone painting my house and telling me I can’t go inside for several more weeks.

    Ask her if you can at least park the car in the garage.

  2. shane says:

    Was it 18 months? We must go back soon, to play more Pai Gow. Thanks for the nice words, too.

  3. Sandra says:

    When will you be in Vegas? Frank and I are headed out there June 29-July 2.

  4. Da Goddess says:

    Yay on the Dos news! And Yay for your wife getting a haircut. It’s one of the best things a new mom can do for herself.

    Now, about that gorilla…

  5. AmyC says:

    Sure. Where was the Cult of Done when I was working on my dissertation? And TV has it all wrong. Big cats are fine — it’s the big fucking dogs you have to watch out for. I just lost my cat Misty to a fucking coyote — in the middle of the fucking city — in my fucking front yard.

    Great news on the Dos front. Isn’t amazing how the insurance companies actually make you feel good that you have ’em, even when you don’t need ’em.

  6. emme says:

    Thanks for the thoughts. I’m just now getting back to real life.

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