Halloween story 2011

If you have been a reader of Rapid Eye Reality for a while, you know that once a year I release a story that doesn’t really fit in these pages. It’s my Halloween gift to those of you who are good enough to come back here after ten years of silliness. I’ve done true stories (2008), pulp horror (2009), and straight-up genre stuff (2010). This year, I’ve gone in a different direction again.

This little tradition started about four years ago and continues today. If you’re just tuning in, here’s what I’ve put out over the past few years.

  • 2008: The Spot in My Yard
  • 2009: Between Friends (Audio version by Special K: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)
  • 2010: Walking Gray
  • I’m not going to throw a label on this year’s story. I’m as proud of it as my self-loathing allows, and it was a story that needed written. I hope you enjoy it enough to pass it on to your friends. The story page doesn’t allow for comments, but I’d love to hear what you have to say about it in the comments of this post.

    Finally…how do I put this? Well, this story isn’t for kids. Or adults. Or really, anybody who has any sort of sensitivity to unchecked profanity, drug use, and, as the cable networks used to call it, adult themes. So, if you won’t be comfortable reading something that will probably offend you, it might just be best to back away now so as not to spend your day uncomfortably. That goes for you, too, Mom, or really anybody who might not like to think about this story coming out of my brain. You folks go read this. It’s happy.

    With that preamble, this is the part where I throw out the story and then run and hide behind a curtain. Thanks again for reading, and happy Halloween, y’all. I call this…

    Benny Down