Getting sharp

Brad Willis

Brad Willis is a writer based in Greenville, South Carolina. Willis spent a decade as an award-winning broadcast journalist. He has worked as a freelance writer, columnist, and professional blogger since 2005. He has also served as a commentator and guest on a wide variety of television, radio, and internet shows.

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3 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Not to say Whole Foods is a bad idea (I’ve never gotten spices there) but I’ve been very happy with The Spice House:

    If you like dark chocolate, try some cacao nibs too.

  2. Mean Gene says:

    I can’t find anywhere in Pittsburgh to sharpen my knives. And I used to work in a store that did just that. Fortunately my knives are cheap and I think I’m gonna just buy a new one and try to keep up sharpening it myself. Gotta have a sharp blade.

  3. MGM says:

    I love the “stick up” spices thing. I got my mom into it a couple years ago. But my favorite item in your pic is that old fashioned popcorn popper. I’ve worn one out and am now on my second (one of much better quality). I couldn’t live without it!

    Happy late birthday!

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