Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video transcript

The following is a transcript of the Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video that circulated on You Tube and various blogs this week. Reports say the Church of Scientology issued takedown orders to sites that chose to broadcast the video. For the sake of posterity (and as a cure for an hour of boredom), I threw on my Bose headphones and transcribed the video as seen HERE. While I have done my best to reproduce the video in its entirety, I’m sure I’ve missed a few “you know”s and, likely, some Scientology phrases I simply don’t understand. The following is offered without bias or comment.

Here is a quick glossary to help you through the transcript:

KSW: Keeping Scientology Working

SP: Suppressive Person

Org: Presumbly synoymous with Sea Org, as described on the Scientology web site as “religious order for the Scientology religion and is composed of the most dedicated Scientologists in the world—individuals who have dedicated their lives to the service of their religion”

David Miscavige: Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center (RTC), a non-profit organization formed in 1982 to preserve, maintain and protect the Scientology religion. (From Scientology web site)

Out-Ethics: The opposite of Scientology’s version of Ethics, the main tool used in practice of Scientology.

LRH: L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Church of Scientology

Tech: A form of written instruction/courses provided to Scientology followers

IAS: International Association of Scientologists, the official membership organization of Scientology


Announcer: Tom Cruise on Tom Cruise Scientologist

Cruise: I think it’s a privilege to call yourself a Scientologist and it is something that you have to earn, and…because a Scientologist does. He, or she has the ability to create new and better realities and improve conditions. Uh, being a Scientologist, you look at somebody and you know absolutely that you can help them. (cut)

So, for me, it really is KSW, and it’s just like, it’s something that, uh, I don’t mince words with that. You know, with anything (unintelligible), but that policy to me has really has gone , boy, there’s a time I went through and I said, “You know what…” When I read it, I just went (noise that sounds like poof), “This is it. That’s exactly it.” (cut)

Being a Scientologist, when you drive past an accident, it’s not like anyone else. As you drive past, you know you have to do something about it, because you know you’re the only one that can really help. (cut)

That’s…that’s what drives me, is that I know we have an opportunity, and uh, to really help for the first time effectively change people’s lives, and uh, I’m dedicated to that. I’m gonna, I’m absolutely, uncompromisingly dedicated to that. (cut)

Org are there to help, okay, but we as (unintelligible) the public, we have a responsibility. It’s not just the Orgs, it’s not just David Miscavige, you know, it’s not just me. It’s you, it’s everyone out there, kinds re-reading KSW and looking at what needs to be done and saying, “Okay! Am I going to do it or am I not going to do it?” Period. Am I going to look at that guy or am I too afraid because I have my own out-ethics, put in someone else’s ethics. That’s all it comes down to. (cut)

And I won’t hesitate to put ethics in someone else, because I put it ruthlessly in myself. And I think that I…uh…I respect that, you know, in others. And, you know, I’m there to help, and we’re here to help, and my opinion is is that, look, either you’re on board or you’re not on board. Okay, it’s just, if you’re on board, you’re on board just like the rest of us. Period. (cut)

We are the authorities in getting people off drugs. We are the authorities on the mind. We are the authorities on improving conditions. Criminals, we can rehabilitate criminals. Way to happiness, we can bring peace and unite cultures, uh, that once you know these tools and you know that they work, it’s not good enough that I’m just (doing okay?)

Traveling around the world and meeting the people that I’ve met. Talking with these leaders in various fields, they want help, and they are depending on people who know, and who can be effective and do it, and that’s us, that is our responsibility to do that. (cut)

It is the time now. Now is the time, okay? It is, being a Scientologist, people are turning to you, so you better know it. You better know it, and if you don’t, you know, go (sound deleted, appears to be “fucking”) learn it. (Laughs) You know? But don’t pretend you know it and, or whatever. It’s like, we’re here to help. (cut)

If you’re a Scientologist, you see life, you see things the way that they are. In all its glory, you know, all of its complexity. Uh, the more you know as a Scientologist, you don’t become overwhelmed by it. (cut)

(Laughs) And uh, they said, “So, have you been an SP” (big laugh) I looked at them and I thought, “What a beautiful thing,” because maybe one day it will be like that, you know? You know what I’m saying. Maybe one day it will be that “Wow, SP, they just read about those in the history books.” You know? (cut)

I just got through that tech, and it’s literally…it’s not how to run from an SP. It’s (acronym of some sort), how to shatter suppression, confront and shatter suppression. You apply it, and it’s like, boom. (cut)

Because, they don’t come up to be and do that. They don’t do it to me. Not to my face, or anywhere in my vicinity where they feel they can confronted, you know. They just don’t do it. (cut)

I wish the world was a different place. I’d like to go on vacation and go and romp and play and just do that. You know what I mean? I mean, that’s what I want it to be. That’s how, there’s times I want to do that but I can’t because I know. I know. So, you know I have to do something about it. It’s not, you know you can sit here wish it was different and then you look at it and you go “Okay, this is it.” You know, I have to do something, don’t I? I have to do it, because I can’t live with myself if I don’t. That really is it. (cut)

I don’t care if someone thinks it’s hard or easy. You’re either helping and contributing everything you can or you’re not, okay? Because I’m carrying my load, okay? And as much as I’m carrying, I still feel like I have to do more. Alright? There is still a thing of, let’s go. (cut)

You can just see the look in their eyes, you know the ones that are doing it and you know the spectators, the ones who are going, “Well, it’s easy for you” or “What am I doing” and it’s just, that thing is, I’ve canceled that in my area (laughs). It’s like, man, you’re either in or you’re out. That’s spectatorism, and it’s something that we have no time for right now. (cut)

So, it’s our responsibility to educate, create the new reality. We have that responsibility to say, “Hey, this is the way it should be done, because we do it this way and people are actually getting better.” (cut)

And let’s get it done. Let’s really get it done. Have enough love, compassion, and toughness that you’re going to do it and, uh, do it right. (cut)

And I have to tell you something. I really, it is, it’s rough and tumble. It’s wild and wooly. It’s a blast. It’s a blast. It really is fun, because damn it there is nothing better than going out there and fighting the fight and suddenly you see things are better. (cut)

I want to know that I’ve can everything I could everyday and I think about those people out there who depending on us. And I think about that. And it does make me feel like, (laughs) we’ve got more work. I need more help. Get those spectators—you’re in the playing field or out of the arena. (Laughs) You know, really, that’s how I feel about it. (cut)

I do what I can and I do it the way I do everything (laughs). There’s nothing part of the way for me (laughs).

Music: Mission Impossible

Announcer: A Scientologist can be defined by a single question: Would you want others to achieve the knowledge you now have. In answering that question, Tom Cruise has introduced LRH technology to over one billion people on earth, and that’s only the first wave he’s unleashed. Which is why the story of Tom Cruise Scientologist has only just begun.

Graphic: Tom Cruise, IAS, Freedom Medal of Valor, Winner

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21 Responses

  1. Anonymous mcas says:

    SP = Suppressive Person; someone who disagrees with
    Scientology and deserves to be destroyed because of their beliefs.

    At a 1.1 on Hubbard’s Tone Scale (the list of all human emotional states, arranged beside
    an arbitrary scale number from -40 (total failure), through 0
    (death), to +40. “SPs are at 1.1, Covert Hostility, on the Tone


  2. Uh, they’re here to help, uh, thats it. Thats what I kept hearing.

    Give me a lunatic Christian anyday. While still annoying, they don’t seem to me to be as dangerous.

  3. Anonymous Carry says:

    What a loon.

    And, sadly, I need to scratch Will Smith off my list of people I enjoy fawning over, as I just heard he too has joined these psychos.

  4. Anonymous Su says:

    I think I’ve read almost all of your blog since you started writing it, but I had to stop after just a few paragraphs of this entry. I couldn’t stand to read anymore of his babbling!

  5. I actually watched this video last night and thought he sounded like a combination beavis and beauty queen answering a question about US Americans and the Iraq.

    what drivel

  6. The part that is most interesting is at the end of the garbage that is coming out of his mouth. The difference between most modern Christian denominations (and their beliefs) and what Tom Cruise has admitted to it that the Scientologists WANT to eliminate “the spectators”. So either you believe or we want you eliminated from “the game”. How insane is that…so the way to his world where he can exist with out conflict and “suppressive people” is to eliminate them.

    If only I could challenge him on all this. He is so full of junk that he might as well be on crack cocaine. It is sad to see a person go through the terrible life cycle that he has.

    The other thing that stands out in my mind is his preaching to the point that he gives everything he has to make this world better. REALLY!? So he has no money then. He must have given it all to the Church of Scientologists.

    I saw some comments about Christians being just as delusional and I would agree. We have had some pretty messed up people try to do some messed up things and call themselves Christians. But I am a human being, as were they. I don’t say that all humans are wrong and inherently stupid because there are deviants.

    People, please do not read Tom’s monologue and think he has an ounce of substance to what he is saying. The only way to achieve a truly content life (not always successful or happy or trouble free) is through believing in Jesus Christ. It is not about what you do, what you’ve done, who you are, or who you were. It is who HE is and what HE did FOR you. If you want to talk about it, let’s talk.


  7. But does he believe he could have won that volleyball game against Ice Man and Slider if they finished?

  8. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Saylorboy, I’m not Christian and I am extremely content in life as a Buddhist. And I’m happy for you that you found contentment via the teachings of Jesus. I hope we all find contentment on our own paths and leave those that dont hurt others alone. That means not eliminating SPs- just the S.


  9. Anonymous hansonmkusa says:

    Bless his children they will be left with nothing since the church will get it all.

    They will have to go to this church to get all there food, clothes, etc. They should of just scapped that, that, mess of an indoc tape. How stupid to post something like that…is that how he really thinks when there are no writers around.

    Bless his family…glad Nicole got out when she did…now she is having a child of her own since the ones they had together does not acknowledge her as their mom, stupid brats.


  10. Christians…just pray for him. Bless his heart he is brain washed with this mess. Before you criticize him…remember, let’s remember that God loves him just as much as he loves us.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    This is disgusting.
    Absolutely disgusting. The outreach of this “religion” is astronomical considering it appears to be pure nonsense. Maybe if Tom had actually said anything to validate his “religion” I would buy it. But I am pretty sure He didn’t even finish a single sentence, let alone begin to validate anything. Tom cruise is a fool, following a foolish religion. Not often do I attack religions but its hard not to attack one so cult-esque. I am especailly not very thrilled with the part about eliminating non Sp’s, sorry a little bit creepy tom, try not and start a religious war so soon. He thinks just because his religion has the support of movie stars, its automatically going to be the next default religion, good luck. Try budging out Christian,Islamic,Jewish, and atheists, because I am sure they would all be considered SP’s.
    Scientology needs to come to a halt, before it brainwashes everyone else.

  12. Anonymous JENNY says:

    What is going on with Tom Cruise and his Scientology video? Cocky, arrogant or all-knowing? Taken down from YouTube, see it here.

  13. Anonymous Koshka says:

    If we didn’t already know that Tom Cruise is psychotic, well, now we know. He talks about helping people? He is the one who needs help – psychiatric help… Anyway, Tom, if you really want to help, you can send me a cheque. I could use it to improve my life (and also save the planet, why not!). Come on people, you are not scared of him, are you? He is pathetic… Let him talk, he is damaging his religion and he makes us laugh!

  14. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    I don’t think there’s any threat of scientology taking over anywhere with a spokesperson like him. We’re all pretty safe.
    What a nut.

  15. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the transcription. It must of taken alot of time, much appreciated! Cruise is totally nuts!!

    Just wondering why all this info (the videos & list of questions…) about Scientology is coming out now, the same time that book about Cruise is also out.

  16. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Thank you for transcribing this, i came from another site linking to you. NO WAY could I have sit through that video. Rather than retyping my post on the other site, here it is:

    Hey, those who say we’re criticizing “religion,” do a quick search on google for Scientology. Start here (the 5th link down, was 2nd when I originally came upon the site.)

    A friend’s father was a former detective hired by Scientology for MANY years. He was a bad person, and did a lot of really horrible things to people, specifically those who either tried to leave Scientology or who were critics of it.

    I’m a Christian, and Islam=faith, Buddhism=faith, Mormonism=faith, whether I agree or not. Scientology=cult/business enterprise that extorts $ from it’s members

  17. Anonymous Dru says:

    What a JOKE Tom has become. He HAD the potential (LONG ago) to use his celebrity to REALLY do some good in the world. Rather he chooses to spout all this drivel about knowing how to fix the world and his brother’s problems. If he’s so well equipped to “fix” us all (whether by conversion or eradication), why hasn’t he run for and been elected to public office? Scary thought, eh?


  18. Anonymous Julie Bo says:

    thanks.. I don’t have sound and was wondering what this was all about. now my head hurts.

  19. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Hmm…interesting. he sits on his “high horse” spouting this stuff about either your “with us” and helping others or your a “spectator” I don’t see Tom building homes for Katrina victims like Brad Pitt or helping and adopting starving kids like Angelina or doing something about Green Peace and saving the earth like Leo Dicaprio.
    Tom Cruise is full of shit.

  20. OpenID lisamm says:

    What nonsensical gibberish!! I do not know what I ever saw in him. He totally creeps me out now.

  21. anonymous says:

    What a load of absolute garbage and to think that Katie Holmes a seemingly half intelligent girl actually believed this drivel from him….absolutely mind boggling?