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I hate it when I get like this. It’s nothing I can define outside of “uninspired.” Even that isn’t entirely true. The best word is “blank.” I am 100% blank right now. It’s one of those times where just about nothing sounds like fun and all my normal distractions (movies, books, poker, music, etc) lose their luster way too quickly.

If I were to write right now, it would be about the following things.

  • Sixty seconds away from my brother’s house in the tony community of Kirkwood, Missouri, a guy walked in to a city council meeting and started killing peoople. Before he was done, he had shot seven people, killing two police officers, as well as some city council members and other members of city government. A reporter and the mayor of the city were also shot. At the very same time this was happening, a sugar refinery not too far from here in Savannah, Georgia blew up. At the time, the casualty numbers seemed astounding. I started flipping between every major cable news network. Here’s a rundown of what they were showing:

    FOX News: Britney Spears coverage
    CNN: Britney Spears coverage
    MSNBC: A pre-packaged hour-long bio on Hillary Clinton (funny enough, the DirecTV guide showed the program listing as “The Mind of Manson.”)

    I mean…come on.

  • I’m not a big Phish disciple, but I found this article absolutely fascinating. Probably something about being an aging husband and father with a wild and crazy history. Via Coventry.
  • My friend E asked me to write a guest post for her professional blog. She’s a political reporter out of Austin who is getting ready to see the onslaught of national media and candidates in Texas. She asked for some advice she can pass along to her colleagues. My only regret is the censors cut out the only really funny thing I put in there. It involved the word genitalia. Regardless, you can find it HERE
  • Finally…the other day, I was perusing plastic surgery websites in preparation for a rant about the industry. I came across a doctor who specialized in…wait for it…vaginal reconstruction. I suppose I should’ve assumed there would be such an area of expertise. I didn’t realize, however, how popular a surgery it is. Among the specialities within the specialties is labiaplasty. I’ll admit, I looked at pictures, because…well, really, who doesn’t want to see before and after images? Let me warn you. This is absolutely Not Safe For Work. Do not open this link if anyone else is around. I feel a little weird linking it at all. However, science is involved and I think we can all stand a little enlightenment. NSFW.
  • Yeah…let that carry you through the weekend.

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    Brad Willis

    Brad Willis is a writer based in Greenville, South Carolina. Willis spent a decade as an award-winning broadcast journalist. He has worked as a freelance writer, columnist, and professional blogger since 2005. He has also served as a commentator and guest on a wide variety of television, radio, and internet shows.

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    3 Responses

    1. omg… i clinked the link, i clicked the link, why o why did i click the link… images – gotta get the images outta my head… kittens – yes! many, many kittens….

    2. Recommend working on some flatpicking breaks to some bluegrass standards just in case, say, I decide to come down to LEAF this fall.

      Picking is fun.

    3. Amazing how thin the line is between medicine and porn.