Charity Worley: Reading between the profiler’s lines

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Henderson County Sheriff’s investigators are trying to tell us something without actually saying it out loud.

You don’t have to know much about law enforcement to know that investigators rarely get in front of TV cameras unless they need something. Cops don’t take time out of their days to talk to reporters unless those reports can in some way help the investigation along in some way.

As you might know, nearly two years ago, I took a keen interest in the case of a young woman who was murdered not too far from here. In December of 2008, Charity Worley‘s family found her bludgeoned to death in her own driveway. It was early in the morning, and not too long after she had walked outside to warm up her car. At first, my interest was twofold. I started paying attention because a local TV news station grossly abused a 911 callwith the victim’s mother. That interest led to meeting the victim’s mother and chatting with her online over the past couple of years. Most of our conversations have been private. Some have been on the record.

The most recent thing I wrote on the case was last spring when Linda Casey, Worley’s mother, talked to me about North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation investigators showing up on her doorstep and trying to get her other daughter Lindsey to confess to her sister’s murder.

We’re now closing in on the two-year anniversary of the case. North Carolina investigators recently brought in Bo Barton, a criminal profiler from the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division. Barton took a fresh look at the case and today was put in front of the assembled media to give a public reading of his findings. I’ve listened to more of a few police news conferences in my day. You get to a point that you learn to listen a bit between the lines.

Tonight, I sat down and watched Barton’s statement (which you can watch in its entirety below, courtesy of I picked out a few telling lines from his analysis. I won’t comment much further, both because I wasn’t there to ask questions, and also because I don’t think I really need to re-state what Barton is implying.

Bo Barton:

  • “This was not a random offender. The people of Henderson County need not be concerned that there is somebody running around in your county that is going to continue to do this.”
  • “I believe this crime was committed by one person…a lone offender.”
  • “The offender had a personal relationship with Charity and there was a conflict between the two that resulted in the murder of Charity.”
  • “The offender will live within an extremely close proximity of the residence at 1004 W. Gilbert St. (the crime scene) at the time of the crime…extremely close.”
  • “It would’ve been easy for a woman or a man to wield this pipe and deal the crushing blows that ended Charity’s life that morning. Now you could see why it would be easy for a woman…or a man.”
  • “The offender is familiar with the victim, her habits, and most specially, her morning rituals.”
  • “The investigators and I believe that the offender is most likely a white individual in their mid-20s to mid-30s.”
  • Barton showed a replica of the suspected murder weapon during the newser. He held it at different angles. He dropped it on the floor to demonstrate its weight.

    When he was finished, he closed with one of the lines above.

    Which one?

    “Now you could see why it would be easy for a woman…or a man,” he said.

    And so, to boil down the profile, the out-of-state investigator believes that Worley’s killer lived “extremely close” (Barton’s emphasis) to Worley, knew Worley’s early morning routines, had a personal relationship with Worley, had a personal beef with Worley, acted alone, and is possibly a white woman in her mid-20s to mid-30s.

    Whether the investigators are right or wrong about the profile, whether they are right are wrong about how and why the crime went down, whether they are just as dumbfounded as they were two years ago, they have certainly and publicly whittled down their list of potential suspects.

    Of course, it’s entirely possible I’m reading in between the wrong lines. In this case, I certainly hope so.

    Brad Willis

    Brad Willis is a writer based in Greenville, South Carolina. Willis spent a decade as an award-winning broadcast journalist. He has worked as a freelance writer, columnist, and professional blogger since 2005. He has also served as a commentator and guest on a wide variety of television, radio, and internet shows.

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    35 Responses

    1. Linda Casey says:

      Thank you Brad from both myself and Lindsey, this is turning into a nightmare of epic proportions. My own honest opinion at this point is the fact that our sheriff needs a jumping off point in this election. I hate to say it, but they have not a clue who killed Charity. Honestly we were not close to a single neighbor, not one, that blows his theory out of the water. Why? Because neither Lindsey nor I killed my daughter. If they knew how our family was they would understand how outlandish this was. We were the three musketeers. Bo sat in my living room the night before like butter would melt in his mouth and crucified her the next day. We aren’t stupid. As for “DNA” on the murder weapon I hope there is some because it won’t be mine nor hers. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Once burned twice shy. I guess we have to get burned several times by officers bifore we learn they aren’t after Charity’s killer but a scapegoat.

    2. Da Goddess says:

      I pray for Charity’s family.

    3. Hmmm…and here I thought a profile was supposed to be used to narrow down a field of possible suspects. I didn’t know you were supposed to come in as an outside expert and build a profile to match the suspect the investigators have settled on. Why not just come out and say “we think the sister did it?” Because that’s what they’re saying.

      I hate that the family has to live through this. I hate that certain positions, like sheriff, are elected officials, because it leads to political pressure being placed on criminal investigations. I hate that I have developed such an instinctive distrust of police.

      I hope that the family remembers that their strength in these times will come from each other, and I hope that some day the person who committed this atrocious act is brought to justice.

      Thanks for keeping a toe in your old beat, Brad.

    4. Katey says:

      My understanding is that you weren’t as close as you want others to think. You and Charity had a long history of arguing and she was in the process of throwing you and Lindsey out of her house and that Lindsey was at least at one time, a meth addict.

    5. Caroline says:

      I’m feeling like this case is pretty obvious. It seems very clear that someone had an argument with Charity early in the morning and was probably hit from behind with the object. She knew this person. She was trained in the Air Force so no doubt if it was a random assault she would have defended herself.

      There are atleast two people that know the truth about this. I hope that God leads them in the right direction to come forward with the truth and that they stop protecting one another. Perhaps they have found forgiveness and solice within themselves- but I truly doubt it. There is a community of people that loved Charity and need closure.

      After all, it was an accident, right? Wasn’t it an accident? Clean the blood from your hands and come forward. Let Charity’s memory have peace and those responsible start accepting that responsibility.

    6. Betsy Olmeda says:

      Caroline and Katey, you seem to know exactly who did this. Maybe you are the two that Mr. Barton was speaking of. “Someone knows who did this and needs You have some nerve to come on here and attack her family like this! It’s completely obvious that you are trash and have nothing better to do but attack those that truly loved Charity! Your lack of publishing your last name only proves that you are part of the group that lives for drama and negativity! If YOU know who is responsible, no matter who it is, then step forward! Maybe you two fall under what Barton said in the interview. Here’s a few snippets for you! Why are you following the media attention since clearly you didn’t love her?! It seems just by your postings and cowardice act of not revealing who you are, makes what he said, point YOU out! Hmmmm…I’m just saying!

      “We know coming forward against a loved one is difficult,” Barton added. “I want Charity to get justice and to be remembered as a mother, daughter and wife.”
      “The offender will also follow the case in the media.”
      “Barton said this person will continue to be a danger to those close to them. He said they know someone close to the offender knows that person is responsible.”

    7. Katey says:

      What part of my comment made you think I know who did it? I don’t know who did it but if I did they would have already been arrested.

      I could have been mistaken but I believe Mr Barton was talking about a family member that lived very, very close to Charity. That wouldn’t be me. But I did notice that what I said was not denied.

      I really haven’t been following that closely because I don’t live in the area. Someone brought to my attention the profile video and this website on the 6th of Oct.

      Since you don’t know who I am you have no idea what my relationship was with Charity or her family so don’t jump so quickly to judge. My only hope is that her killer will finally be found and brought to justice so Charity can rest in peace.

      I can’t answer for Caroline, she’ll have to do that herself.

    8. Caroline says:

      “Since you don’t know who I am you have no idea what my relationship was with Charity or her family so don’t jump so quickly to judge. My only hope is that her killer will finally be found and brought to justice so Charity can rest in peace.”

      I second this statement. Also, Betsy, please grammar check before posting because you lost me in the first paragraph.

      If I knew who did it I would not be writing on this blog- I would be testifying in court. I merely have my opinion and suspicions. I never attacked anyone’s family, Betsy, so I’d like to know what you are referencing. I did not point out anyone’s name or target anyone specifically.

      Betsy, you are the pot calling the kettle black. I never quoted anything the profiler stated however YOU did. So I would say its fair to infer that you are following the case very closely, does that make you suspect? Enough to quote him word for word. Notice how I did not do that?

    9. Linda Casey says:

      I am unsure where you got your information but make sure you have facts before you spout them. And it certainly sounds like an attack! Yes Charity argued a lot. We always did, No she was not kicking us out. By no means, we had just a few days before had a long conversation about this. Yes, Lindsey had a former history, what has that to do with anything? And the elite profiler has entire 14 months of experience under his belt. You are accusing. I am sure enough of both my innocence and my daughters to use names here who are you? I have my suspicions because of the ones who have been so happy to be able to jump at this and I do mean happy. Not one word has come from the authorites saying we are suspects yet a “certain” group of people here are telling everyone they have been told such by the sheriff’s department. Now is this suspicious? I love my daughter. I lost my daughter. I am more than offended at your accusation any mother would be. Both Lindsey and myself have cooperated with every single aspect of this investigation. We have been willing to have ourselves hypnotized to see if there is anything we may missed in our peripheral vision. and they have blown us off. How are they going to find the real killers if they spending all their efforts barking up one tree? I am willing to submit to anything to weed us out so they quit wasting time. Charity is at peace. Caroline if you are so sure tell me where you get your evidence? and again no Charity was not kicking us out. You obviously know me, if you don’t have my number, I am sure Jake can give you it to you. Maybe there are some facts you would like to know

    10. Linda Casey says:

      In case you are unaware of the callousness of actions when you throw out such things unsubstantiated, you impact every aspect of our lives. We are reliving the death of a daughter and sister. A death we did not cause, This is a feeling you cannot fathom Caroline, Cady, then to have all these rumours floating that you and that family are spouting as “came” from sheriffs dept. hurts more than you can know. Charity and I knew when I moved in the nature of our relationship, It was no different than it had been our whole lives. We had become extremely close while her husband was away I want spread their dirty laundry, and with Lindsey having Emma we became the three musketeers, it was on our cell phones. Until you walk my shoes don’t presume to know anything. And before you dare and I say DARE accuse something so serious as murder Murder the stealing of a life. the playing of God with another human being. The robbing Jayden of a mother, The taking from this world that wonderful giggle and that beautiful smile and the fact that I will NEVER get to argue with her again, there will never be another group hug between the three musketeers or I will never see her arch her eyebrows at me and thin that mouth and say hmmm. or follow me up the stairs every morning and coffee mom coffee
      As for LIndsey this is the sister who took her to military ball because she didn’t get to have a senior prom. This is the sister who took her in when she had nowhere to go. A lot took place in the weeks after Emma was born, this was the sister who is Asheville the night before trying to get scrpt for Emma no Lindsey and Charity were very close. Before you add more pain to what is already there at least know what you are talking about.

    11. John Doe says:

      I think it is bad to torment a mother and sister.My God have you had a close love one brutally killed in your driveway.I would lose my mind.I watched the profiler’s video 2 or 3 times it sounds like he was reading a police report. In the little time he profiled had did he get out and talk to the neighbor’s, if any still live around there. Did he get out and talk to all Charity’s family. Mother’s side and husband’s side of the family. That takes time. GOD BLESS the family’s of Charity Worley

    12. TRUTH says:


    13. A Real Mother says:

      this case has generated such a landslide of emotion
      from horrific shock and disbelief to personal suffering and disgust.
      WHAT PARENT ON THE PLANET WOULD NOT WANT THE MURDER OF THEIR CHILD SOLVED???????? This is America not a third world country where women and children are murdered because they are the lesser sex. There is nothing this poor child, wife and MOTHER could have done to deserve to be killed much less suffer the inhumane slaughtering she indured being beaten to the point of her spleen being ruptured and her head crushed with a metal pipe in the sanctity of her own driveway.Cooperating with the police, CID, SBI and Sherriff’s department is what you do when a crime has
      been committed unless of course you have something to hide, the more I see and hear about this case it is becoming apparent who murdered Charity Worley Stop hiding behind the bull, the pictures and your love of family one of your cherished Three musketeers is DEAD never to return to see her son in school plays, his first love, learning to drive,graduating, getting married, becoming a parent she will never share in anymore of his life than those first fleeting months, tally that up there are multiple crimes that have been committed by this murder SHAME ON YOU pretending to want justice all you want is attention and false sympathy and the final BLOW is that you want it for yourself not your MURDERED DAUGHTER !!! YOU DISGUST ME AND DON’T DESERVE TO BE A MOTHER YOU FAKE!!!

    14. Linda Casey says:

      to a real mother when you have a mile in my shoes then write that! when you have been screwed over by our finest and elite as we have and know as they have TOLD you we are after you/ would you cooperate. I REALLY DO NOT CARE IF YOU ARE DISGUSTED I WANT TRUTH I WANT MY DAUGHTERS KILLER CAUGHT. MY DAUGHTER’S KILLER WILL BE CAUGHT AND YOU HAVEN’T A CLUE ABOUT HEARTBREAK I ONLY PRAY YOU NEVER DO. AND SHAME ON YOU. If you took time to look you would see just how much we have cooperated, you would see how just how badly evidence was tainted by the SBI we were the first polygraphed, the first interrogated. We were called in, called upon, all hours of the day and night and never once denied them access to ourselves or anything. Not until questions were asked by family about evidence never checked!! Why was touch DNA never on the full set of hand prints on her arm where it was broken? why did SBI not check this or that. All we get is we regret that now. Suddenly tables turn? Walk in my shoes. sweet lady and if you are so concerned you need not hide behind a fake name I have nothing to hide I use my real name and I will tell you as I have told our finest and most elite. If you plan to waste your time and our tax dollars barking up this wrong tree then get out of my way because I plan to bark up all those trees you didn’t think were important enough to bark up. did you know they threatened to arrest me if I talked to her contacts in NJ and Wilmington? Have they been there to talk to any of them? Now tell me I don’t want her killer caught. No pretending here. You want to join me in finding her killer I will show you <MY notes I can turn PI and use some help in fact all of you who want to sit on you tushes in front of a computer screen and point fingers I challenge you. come look listen I can point each of you in a direction to look. I will not rest until this case is solved/ YOu are damn right she deserves it and not for my attention. Again I challenge you Come look at the facts!! Then Write That Statement Again. Remember all you see is press release you see what they want you to see.

    15. Linda Casey says:

      Believe me truth I have,

    16. Linda Casey says:

      I have spent this afternoon in prayer after I wrote these things wondering how anyone could be so mean. Unless you were there you know no more about that morning than I do. I am going to pray for you and the anger that rests in your soul. I have no control over how you feel about me. I rebuke any anger for it comes only from evil. I know where I was that morning and anyone reading this, if you know anything about that morning instead of spouting trash here call the Sheriff’s Department. If you know nothing be on your knees because God does know. He is in control and He will not be mocked!! Not by me not by anyone.
      When Jesus walked this earth He told us to
      Matthew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;
      Please pray for Charity’s killer to be caught deciding you don’t like me is a waste of valuable prayer time.
      I will pray for God to ease all the horrible anger I see here.

    17. Susan Gullings-Morrissette says:

      Who are any of us to judge?~~~~Linda, hold strong on Him who you believeth in. Nothing nor any one else matters.

    18. Caroline says:

      smoke and mirrors.

      for those people

      “happy to be able to jump at this and I do mean happy.” Sounds like anger to me. Maybe you should talk to those people, Linda. I doubt very much that they are “happy” about your daughter’s death. A lot of people loved Charity and have fond memories of her.

      I think it’s safe to say that we all want the same thing that you do, Linda. For Charity’s killer to be caught. And I will leave it at that and wish you peace.

    19. Katey says:

      Linda, why are you keeping the facts a secret? Publish them, blog them, get them out, it might ring a bell for someone.

      Could the handprint on the arm have been yours? I believe you mentioned Charity was under the vehicle and that you had administered CPR to her. Did you move her out in order to reach her? In the panick of everything is that a possibility?

      “I think it’s safe to say that we all want the same thing that you do, Linda. For Charity’s killer to be caught. And I will leave it at that and wish you peace.” I agree with Caroline on this.

    20. Betsy Olmeda says:

      It’s sick how you all attack a family, and yes katey, you and Caroline were attacking when you say the things you say. “smoke and mirrors”. All you can do is attack! As for grammar (I copy and pasted in the wrong spot, and didn’t erase it all before putting in the right quote) and quoting him, I visited the story and copy and pasted. Go look on and search her name. You’ll find everything I read. I grew up with Charity, so YES I will follow her story, I have talked to the Det. in charge several times, and I will always speak to her mother and any family member of hers that wants to talk to me. I have nothing to hide. Hell, I didn’t even live anywhere near her, and now I live even further away. Which makes it harder for me since I can’t be there to help comfort her family. However you two and this “Real Mother” are cowardice for not giving your names nor calling the police and giving what you “think” to be true. Katey points out the bruise on her arm. You attack and then stumble trying to point more fingers. Noone wants justice for Charity more than those of us who TRULY loved and STILL love her.

      “REAL MOTHER” a real mother would not attack without knowing the facts after all of this time. You seem to have a lot of anger and seem to know something, so go call the Det. and tell them!! Yet again, another coward that can’t give their name, but can sure as Hell attack others. One of you says, “It was an accident wasn’t it”, another wants to blame the family and say they did it and are even more selfish by asking for justice, while the other says, makes attacks on what mistakes the sister made in the past. AGAIN, we are not perfect. None of us are. Just because someone argues doesn’t make them a murderer, neither does the fact that they may or may not have used drugs. If you have nothing better to do than to attack and be negative, then go crawl under the rock where you belong.

      Linda, I still pray for you and your family. May all of our prayers help fight this evil that prays on our weakness and sadness.

    21. Cathy says:

      I was in the magistrates office and the detectives were in there excitedly talking to the judge about a pending arrest.

    22. Stephen says:

      Cathy that is awesome news that the agents are getting ready to make an arrest in the horrific case. I just hope that the person they arrest doesn’t have kids of their own because I hate to see children displaced and put into foster care. After watching the video of the profiler and the type suspect that he has outlined I think it is pretty clear as to who the cold blooded killer is, I say congrats to the detectives for the pending arrest.

    23. Linda Casey says:

      yes Cathey that is awesome. thanks Brad for the heads up. and Stephen since you know so much just who do you think the killer is? Are you also like our Profiler with his 14 month experience seeing something that is not there? and on what evidence do you or he base this? Charity and I argued? So what? Lindsey had a past? so what? and no I did not pull her out from under the car anyone with CPR experience knows better.
      Again, the story? a lie can get a mile down the road before the truth gets its shoes on. I too say congrats to the detectives unless tunnel vision has narrowed their thinking.
      here are a few pieces of fat to chew on
      A flyer that I was not allowed to release to the press. This information was not released to the press at the very beginning of the investigation when it might have done some good. why? good question. Even at my insistence when I found out all I got to do was put it on my Causes page and my facebook and had to take my name off. Also with the amount of money missing the profiler says its personal. is money not personal? So many details were not told just the things to get the public worked up. WEre you told, Stephen that we have been called in repeatedly and been more than fully cooperative. We were given lie detector tests. A man looked us fully in the eye the day after she died and said I hold your life in my hands and I am the best in the Eastern United States. I could send you to prison for the rest of your life. We passed no problem. The lie detector suddenly becomes just a tool where we are concerned but has ruled many out.
      This comes up or that we are there. We have given them personal pictures if we came across them and there was someone we did not know. Everytime we thougth of something anything we called them, which is what they asked us to do, Know Breena Williams says we give false leads.I saw it as turning over every rock. I did not realize you never ever ever trust a police officer. Just because you are innocent does not make them your friend. the last visit with the SBI we got the priviledge of seeing my child’s autopsy photos. even to the ones of my baby and you REAL MOTHER whom I make sick, take this to heart, of her scalp peeled back to see her wounds. We still were cooperating. Why? Shock value. Then they come at you with this is not exactly what you said a year ago. Well duh… Live with this. Actually relive this nightmare day in day out. trying to make sense of it. and remember exactly what was said.
      This profiler who outlined the person also said we did not cooperate, did he mention that he spent an hour and a half the night before at our house interviewing us? no he did not. If he lies whether by omission or flat out, a lie is a lie is a lie. We were cooperative. Did he tell you that Charity sister could not come because of work conflicts and he made arrangements to do it another day and stood us up? no he did not. Then he tricked, yes by slight of tongue tricked the press into crucifying us. It was a witch hunt from the get go.
      Did these detectives bother to tell anyone that her sister was a little over 7 weeks out of a c section with severe complications? A fact easily checked. Did the profiler bother to check to see that I had bronchial pneumonia and was on medication? I am myasthenic did they check to see what cough syrup and antibiotics do to a myasthenic not to mention they did not look at my latest EMG. or the one I had shortly thereafter when I had treatments again. Neither Lindsey nor I were physically capable of weilding that weapon for repeated attacks. If any of you have seen her husbands 4 runner which he still drives. There is a big hole in it where the killer missed with a swing. Someone is swinging hard.
      all that press conference was for was to stir up public hatred. and you guys fell for it. Why? I don’t know. They did not begin to show you an inch of the ice berg.
      I hope this is the awesome news we have been praying for. Our church has held prayer meetings for this. i know God is in control. Stephen I hope you are smart enough to ask more questions before buying this man’s profile! #1 we knew noone in the neighborhood. #2 Neither of us was physically capable of doing it #3 We had our own family dynamics which dysfunctional as any family we loved each other. #5. Charity died and we were immediately homeless. %6. She apparently told someone she was going to ask us to move? She was also at Blind Horse celebrating getting a divorce the weekend before. who knows the truth?? not me. Again the press conference is simply to stir the pot, get the hate going. Worked didn’t it.
      Praying for you guys, hope you are praying for us. ‘this has ripped apart a family. and a killer is out there.
      The original flyer has her picture on it. It doesn’t seem to want to copy with picture. and as to this person whom the detectives seem convinced is Lindsey Lindsey had her hair in ponytail that morning and it is bright red. but convinced they are……..

      It can be seen more clearly on my causes page on facebook from several months back. The police said they talked to neighborhood but my own personal canvass of the neighborhood revealed nothing.


      DECEMBER 17 2008 AROUND 6 AM


    24. Linda Casey says:

      lots more I could tell and so many screwups you can believe I nor my daughter killed Charity and heaven help any who dare pass judgement. It is written to judge not lest ye be judged. As far as I can remember I didn’t see a one of you out there when I ran out there. nor can Lindsey. My daughters killer is out there I have placed it in the hands of the Lord, but let me tell you, I know how badly this case was handled and Charity deserves better than that. If you want to believe half truths so be it but at least pray for the truth. Those of you who knew Charity know she deserves better than this keystone cop play. Whether you believe me or not like me or not, matters not. God knows and God will not be mocked, Pray for the truth, and He will be faithful to answer. You can believe if money grew on trees or I had the know how I would be out there investigating myself. no rock unturned. I again ask for every person who reads this to turn to God and pray for the truth and for the person who took the “Shining Star With The Magical Smile” from us and the Best Mother in the world to be caught. I thank you

    25. Stephen says:

      Wow Linda… I never pointed the finger at you or your daughter, you must really have something to get so defensive and automatically think everyone is pointing the finger at you and your daughter. Hmm… sounds like guilt talking IMHO.

    26. Cathy says:

      Wow is all I can say! I agree with you Stephen. You didn’t point the finger at anyone. Sounds like you do have something to hide Linda!

    27. Linda Casey says:

      you know you people are pirahnnas you love this don’t you? Not one ounce of sensitivity or compassion. Not one iota of thought as to heart feelings. God be with you. It is amazing. I sincerely hope you never walk my walk but if you do in any way shape or form you will find that your action follow no set of rules. It is a pain that cannot be described. Remember your callousness. Again I pray that Charity’s killer is caught. and I pray for you people. I hope you are praying for me also.

    28. Misty says:

      Linda you need to stop listening to these heartless people…Some people get pleasure out of someone else’s pain….Unless you are a close family member you know nothing about these people….Keep your mouth shut unless you have proof. Katey, I don’t know you but what mother doesn’t have a past of arguing with there child!!! Doesn’t mean a thing, also I’m sure you have things in your past you are not proud of seeing as you know so much about Lindsey. That no way or no how proves motive for murder.
      A Real Mother, you are a rude and heartless person. Yea this is a place to post your opinion but that was a little too much opinion. Linda stay strong I pray it will be over soon!!! God Bless the heartless people!!!!!!

    29. Linda Casey says:

      Charity’s website has been dismantled and the investigation shelved. Despite what might be said to the contrary Charity is for all intents and purposes a cold case. My heart grieves. A cold blooded killer roams free. Somehow I keep thinking this person has to look in the mirror, has to relive this morning in an even more horrific way than I do. surely it is going to eat him/her alive, but alas no one comes forth.
      Her son lives on with a new mother and a new life. Life goes on….. why? How can something hurt so much and one still be alive? I have no answer but every morning I continue to wake up and the hurt is still there.

    30. Someone trying to help says:

      Linda wanted let u know I just recently saw the video profiler and learned a pipe was used to kill charity. I put this information along with a number of other things and called it to the police. I hope this is useful and that it rekindles the case. And to all you awful haters out there that keep making false accusations on the family back off u are only speculating and have no idea what you are talking about. This person I believe as a suspect is not a family member does not live close is not in his 20’s or 30’s. I just hope this can all be solved so that the family be left to peace and closure. And Linda I’m very sorry that I did not come forward with this information sooner. I work a lot and didn’t follow the case closely so until I saw the video on YouTube the other night I didn’t put the pieces together. In my opionion you said a hole was left in the vehicle from a missed attack would take some one with a lot of strength trust me this person I suspect is very large and strong so again people it most likely wasn’t a women especially one with the c section and Linda with the bad health problem wouldn’t have the strength or stamina to do this and from the one short time I talked to Linda and her daughters and saw the child they were a loving caring bunch that had each others back regardless of problems. Don’t we all have family problems black Sherpa skeletons in the closets yes only difference is we didn’t have a loved one killed and every ounce of our lives spilled all over for everyone to attack. Just put yourselves in Linda and her families shoes what would your life be like if this happened to you. Would the police make u a suspect how would u handle it? So stop hating assuming and speculating and instead divert that energy into support for the family tips and leads to keep the case alive. Trust me you will all sleep better at night.

    31. Linda Casey says:

      thank you “trying to help” as you can see your information was taken with a grain of salt, as has all information submitted to the police. They have developed tunnel vision toward Lindsey and are not pursuing anything else. We have been told “We will get you” and “if someone came forward and confessed today we would still suspect Lindsey.”
      I fear Charity will never get justice.

    32. KARMA says:


    33. danielle heatherly flores says:

      i just ran across this about charity simpson worley, whom i grew up with we did everything together, went everywhere together was basically attached at the hip from 1985. none of what their saying makes any since and i feel that theyre out of leads period and that bringing it back to the light will get some of these smaller towns people to talking and hopefully someone will slip up. charity had no enemies she made friends with all she came n contact with and now not long ago the awful death of ms linda is just fueling whatever fire they may or not be trying to dish out. while i know her like a sister i know she’d want to rest in the peace that she earned in her short life, she would love for this case to be solved, she herself in my opinion holds the missing piece. they need 2 backtrack and look at her, theres 3 people at least that know what happened to her that morning God her and her killer and 1 of them have to speak out eventually.

    34. The Truth says:

      The more you tell lies, the more you start to believe them yourself.

    35. LINDSEY GURKIN says:

      I just read these accusations fact I just found d this website. Wow . If u only knew my personality you’d know what a coward I am and how much I lived her dearly .we were closer than we had ever been when she died. I was grateful to her fkr helping me in my time of need .and yes I have had my share if addictions I still battle daily but none that could .Ake me a murderer . Of charity!! ???? Thank u betaymy monvspike highly if u always .i tunedniut Alot because j couldn’t break with reality of what was happening now j regret she had to face it alone. I wish j could have been stronger for her. Thank you for beinv there for her god bless u